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The Pinnacle Magic

Many of us have known each other for several years now, so it occurred to me that you may indulge me a bit of braggadocio about Pinnacle’s recent honors. It’s a very welcome pleasure to tell you these things because I think it’s important that you know something of the background and structure of our company. Our operation is set up so well and operates so efficiently that it is often nearly invisible despite being critical to completing our mutually successful transactions.

I’m delighted to announce that Pinnacle Estate Properties, Inc. has been ranked as the 71st Power Broker out of a field of 500 companies by Real Estate Magazine, a 40-year stalwart publication of our industry. This honor is based on statistical performance, and at the close of audited transaction-year 2019, we completed over $8.2 Billion in sales volume from almost 5,000 transactions for an average county-wide sale price of $600,000. We are #1 in sales in Los Angeles County with over 1,200 agents and 14 office locations.

We are also partnered with Leading Real Estate Companies in the World (LeadingRE) with over 120,000 sales associates in over 40 countries. It is our mission to make service, integrity, and communication the bedrock of each and every relationship with our clients. This relationship gives us the tremendous advantage of widespread professional coverage for our clients with out-of-state and out-of-country needs for both buying and selling. While we share services on either side of a transaction, domestically and internationally, we retain our independence as a company. LeadingRE has a very strong luxury market sector which, as you know, is my personal specialty and why I chose to work with Pinnacle many happy years ago.

Pinnacle has another very important advantage: we are family owned and operated. Built upon a foundation of integrity, energy, and drive, we take pride in the goal to achieve 100% client satisfaction. A real estate company, regardless of its size, is only as good as the individual agent working for it. The founders of Pinnacle knew this when they formed the company in November of 1985. They set out to create a full-service company of highly trained professional agents that would provide the unique service clients expect and deserve, but rarely receive. This philosophy is reflected in the company’s name and corporate goal, which is to provide the “Pinnacle of Professional Service.”

In the April 2020 Issue of RISMedia’s aforementioned Real Estate Magazine, the cover story jocularly punned “Firmly Rooted – Why LeadingRE’s Family Firms Continue to Thrive”. I point this out because there are several intangibles with firms like ours provide you, our revered buyers and sellers, with the extra effort to deliver the highest level of professional services. There are no shortcuts at Pinnacle – it’s First Class all the way. Why? It starts with the milieu of a family business and proliferates from there. Agents are recruited, screened, and selected who are almost certain to fit into our business culture. A company cannot perpetuate high standards by pep talks and sales contests. Those standards are maintained with us because we are not pretending. We believe in what we do, how we do it, and our proud of a job well done. Furthermore, this doesn’t happen overnight. Pinnacle started 30 years ago and it took the first few of those to build the backbone that is now rock solid. “Firmly Rooted” as the cover story states.

In the 1990s and beyond the term Family Values got quite a workout. I bring it up here, risking its triteness, to point out that there really are such intangibles, and we embrace them for their impeccable quality. Virtues such as candor, real concern about our clients’ wants and needs, assiduously following Best Practices at every turn. These things are not part of a Business Model, they are organic and part of a palpable corporate culture that springs from the nature of the people.

We are so happy to have achieved the sales and transaction heights we have, but it has really happened without conscious effort. We stay committed to serving you the way we would like to be served in the complex and emotional details of real estate, and all the good things just seem to follow.